Garden Planner
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Garden Planner

Tips & To-Dos:

  • Fertilize lawns as needed
  • Plant fall vegetables
  • Reseed and repair worn lawns
  • Enjoy the patio!
  • Refresh containers with cool season annuals
  • Plant Pansies and Kale to brighten flower beds
  • Clean up the fallen leaves, mulch into the garden
  • Finish any lawn repairs or seeding
  • Plant bulbs for spring
  • Feed lawns with winter fertilizer
  • Start pruning fruit trees trees
  • Finish any transplanting in the landscape
  • December 6th - Santa Claus will be here from 11am to 1pm! Bring your cameras, kids and dogs to get your picture taken!
  • All month we will be collecting canned food for our local share house
  • Flocked and Green Trees available
  • Great selection of Living Trees
  • Roses, Fruit trees and Berries arrive
  • Dormant spray- This is your best preventative treatment for disease and insect problems.
  • Feed the birds! Their natural food supply is dwindling, keep them healthy and happy!
  • Pruning trees and shrubs, this is the best time to prune your deciduous plants, with the exception of spring blooming plants.
  • Start soil preparations for the garden. Work in composts or manures to fortify the soil.
  • Plant bare root trees and shrubs.
  • Check the lawn, kill any existing moss, and feed with a Winter or Spring fertilizer.
Rose Seminar - February 23, 10:00-12:00
Learn from the pros! Presented by the Fort Vancouver Rose Society. Learn tips and tricks for success. Pruning and care for your Roses, common fungus troubles, insect and disease issues and fetilizers are a few of the topics covered.

Time to transplant, this is the season to move plants that need more room, or just need a new location in your yard.

Think Spring, its not that far away....

Our seminars are offered to encourage and educate new & experienced gardeners alike. They are free of charge and no registration is necessary. Please call us at 360.573.7172 if you need more information!

Stop in to explore our garden center, where unique and inspiring ideas await!

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